[COA] Whistling Death

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[COA] Whistling Death

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Preso da un bell'interesse per tutta la serie, sono capitato sulla pagina personale di BGG di J.D.Webster, conosciuto come jdakapluto :lol:
Oltre ad essere il designer della serie è anche un appassionato di wargame in generale con una bella collezione.
Spulciando i commenti hai propri giochi, arrivo a Whistling Death, ed il commento è magnifico, con tanto di voto: 8,75 :lol:

I'm the designer and I was asked to rate my own game. Okay, then, I would say this is my best effort to date on the topic of WW2 air combat. Give myself a 10 for research. Especially since it has a wealth of detail in the air-to-ground and air-to-ship scenarios and also introduces night-fighting rules. As far as board games go, effort has been made to make the game system more accessible by including a quick-start section of rules that has you flying and fighting after reading only 4 pages compared to the 80 pages of full rules (flying is just 15 pages). Is it the best GAME in the genre out there? I'd say yes for the moment on the topic. Of course I don't give myself a 9 or 10 rating since, all though this is about all I play these days, I still see areas for rules improvement and development - and the style of game (hexgrid, logsheets, detailed movement system) doesn't have a wide appeal in the general game market (6-7 for appeal / playability). It is definitely a game for the person who has a high interest in WW2 air combat, and who wants to understand how and why certain tactics were developed in that war for the different planes involved.

Ooh, and don't worry about being accused of "shilling" by the older geeks here. In time, air gamers will prove their point with a valid say on the Genre.

J.D. Webster / designer